Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My complicated life.

i just really need somebody to talk right now.

it seems like everything in my life is going wrong and everything is happening all at once.

i cant take it anymore and i just need someone to help me and make me feel better.

tapi semua orang macam sebok.

there's a few of friends yang willing melayan i but ntah la i tak selesa nak bercerita dgn dorang maybe.

seriously i sangat-sangat memerlukan keselesaan dalam berkomunikasi.

baru settle one problem sehari yang lalu, and now came two more problems yang perlu disettlekan jugak.

i really hate when it comes to choose between two options.

someone please help me out of this problem.

i just nak hidop yang simple dan tak comlicated macam sekarang.

i admit that, maybe orang nampak my life mcm best, colorful, sempoi, selumber...etc.

but the truth, i sorang jer yang tahu, how complicated my life.



Odd Casablancas said...

U know u have us :)

erin azizan said...

yes i know..jgn laayn i sgt, tgh mereng ni